EASY ROUND- Orecchini – Viola Trasparente- Earrings – Transparent Violet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOrecchini in vetro viola trasparente, forma circolare (diametro 1,5 cm circa) gancio in argento. Materiali vetro, rame, stagno, argento. Disegno originale Connys Kreations lavorazione artigianale con tecnica Tiffany.

Earrings in light violet transparent, glass rounded (diameter 1.5 cm) silver hook. Materials: artistic red glass, silver, copper, tin. Original design Conny’s Kreations handcrafted whit Tiffany technique.

EASY – Orecchini – Verde- Earrings – Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOrecchini in vetro color verde, forma rettangolare gancio e anellino in argento. Molto leggeri. Materiali vetro, rame, stagno, argento. Disegno originale Conny’s Kreations lavorazione artigianale con tecnica Tiffany.

Earrings in green glass, rectangular-shaped silver hook and little ring. Very light. Materials: glass, tin, cop, silver. Original design Conny’s Kreations handcraft whit Tiffany tecnique.


Liebster Award

liebster2I was nominated for this award by blogger In the Clouds. From the name you’ll never understand how she is sunny. Her posts are always so shimmering and funny, full of joy! I’m really proud she choosed me for this prize but at first I’m proud to have someone so special in my followers. Thank you for choose me!


Post eleven facts about myself

1. My most big loves at moment, and probably for the rest of my life are my nephews, my sister’s sons, Mattia and Priscilla.

2. I’m singing from 20 years about (so much, really?) in a choir. Not a gospel choir we sing all kind of music, popular, modern, antique ec…

3. In March, I will do 40 years. NO COMMENT PLEASE!

4. I love cook, but also I love eat, I like to make cakes!

5. I hope one in the future to visit New York, or live there for a little time, but my city, Rome, it’s the most beautiful in all the world, and I could not leave her for ever.

6. I love more making presents than receiving them.

7. I love books, my favourite kind is fantasy, but also novels and essays. If you want make me happy give me a good book!

8. My dream for my creative activity is a workshop where you can do everything that I can think of now are limited due to space, as well as for the time, cause I have not much time to work.

9. The second dream is to be able to live doing what I like to make that my creations. If I’ll become rich and famous better!

10. I’d like to live in a place near Rome, but more quiet and rich in art and culture. Rome has become too chaotic.

11. I hate ricotta cheese.

Answer the questions posed by my nominator

  • What is the thing/activity you love the most? SING!
  • Why did you start your blog? To advertise my creations.
  • Mountain or beach? Which one is your favorite? Both! But i prefer beach when there aren’t so much people.
  • What is your motto? I haven’t! I should?
  • What are you doing at the moment (working studding, etc)? I try to work when I can because they are unemployed and at the same time to grow my business to craft creative.
  • Who is your stile icon? I have not one icon style. At my advanced age I had to create a personal style for me.
  • Heels or flat shoes? Any type that is just wonderful! I love the shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, only with high heels walking I do not know.
  • Tell us something more about your hobbies. Sing, read (a lot), draw, cinema (only go to see movie, I don’t want to be an actress!), eat (maybe this is not an hobby!) cook.
  • Where would you like to go on vacation? Japan, New York, Australia, Hawaaiiiiiiii!!!!
  • What is your favorite film? All the Harry Potter, and all from Tolkien Books ” The lord of the rings” etc… but also the movie as well as the films based on the books by Jane Austen. I also love The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean by Giuseppe Tornatore and Forrest Gump, Matrix, there are so many that I love.

Pass the award on to eleven new recipients

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Questions for my nominees

1) If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

2) What is one thing you have always wanted to do but have been too afraid to try?

3) Recounts a memory from when you were a child.

4) What is your all time favorite book?

5) Sweet or salty? And what?

6) The best holiday having time and money.

7) What do you like doing in your spare time?

8) Someone who taught you something. What?

9)Somebody to love

10) What do you hate?

11) What do you love?

12) Washing dishes, ironing or dusting?

Have fun and keep on Blogging!!! Don’t forget to pass on the love to other new bloggers out there!!